Tan Enhancing Veil • Face & Body
Laboratoire Dr Renaud

Tan Enhancing Veil • Face & Body

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Directions for use

Prepares and/or extends tanning: Use every day for 2 weeks before exposure to the sun and for as long as desired afterward. Apply generously once or twice a day to the entire face and body.

After exposure to the sun: Can also be used in case of sunburn. Apply generously to the sensitive area and reapply as often as needed.

N.B.: Can also be used once a day throughout the summer or when on vacation at a sun destination to maintain a beautiful, golden tan.

Product size

200 mL

  • Prepares the skin for exposure to the sun
  • Strengthens the skin’s natural protection against the sun
  • Extends tanning while enhancing appearance
  • Helps prevent photo-induced ageing signs

This light emulsion with a fresh, velvety, non-sticky texture prepares the skin for exposure to the sun, helps you quickly obtain an even and rich-looking tan and extends tanning. Its moisturizing formula soothes and softens the epidermis and helps maintain skin firmness and elasticity.